Panasonic Massage Chair Review

Panasonic Massage Chair Review/Click Here to get Panasonic Massage Chair 

Panasonic Massage Chairs are a product of the Japanese brand. According to the Panasonic massage chair review, massage chairs are not designed but “engineered” by the company. The chairs are engineered with cutting-edge technology and design that aim to provide full body massage at the touch of a button.

Massage chairs have many benefits. They can improve your immune system, reduce stress and even relieve pain in the neck and back. These can also be used as regular recliners when not used as massage chairs.

Let’s take a look at PanasonicMAJ7, the best Panasonic massage chair Review.

Overview of Panasonic Massage Chair Review:

Its many outstanding features are why Panasonic users call it an innovative massage chair. This massage chair is intelligently designed and made to provide a unique experience. You will not be able to find another chair like it.

You will never feel deprived of comfort by the soft, mushy cushions. And when you turn on the massage, it is truly amazing. You can choose from a variety of preset massage modes, or you can use the remote to quickly select one.

You can use the smart remote from your chair while it is reclined by mounting it on a docking station. The remote screen displays the information you selected for the massage, so there is no need to guess.

The Shiatsu sole massage is its greatest feature. You can massage your lower core vertically or horizontally with the 3D independent heads.

You can choose from 6 programs and the previously mentioned techniques such as Junetsu Shiatsu, Swedish Shiatsu, Kneading, and Rolling/Tapping. However, you can also create up to 158 combinations.

The massage chair can be used for Shiatsu or kneading massages. You can easily switch between them by clicking one button. This innovative massage chair features heating pads for added comfort. It also has infrared heat rollers to relax tense muscles.

3D technology drives the advanced lower core massage. You will experience the same feeling as a professional massage. The massage chair covers all parts of the body and has air cells in every corner to improve the experience.

Panasonic is a trusted brand so you can be sure about its product quality. This chair is stylish and features premium features.


  • Acupoints:

There are approximately 350 acupoints within your body, and nearly 100 in the back and neck. The MAJ7 uses a variety of techniques to stimulate the body and mind, including Shiatsu and deep tissue kneading.

  • Heated Rollers:

The infrared heated massage roll generates soothing heat to relax tight muscles. The MAJ7 massage roller assembly has heating elements that are directly located on it. This heat is felt by the thumbs and palms of massage therapists.

  • Body Scan Technology:

The MAJ7 uses pressure sensor technology to create a virtual map to trace your back and deliver a massage that is tailored to your spine. The floating massage rollers glide across each vertebra and know exactly where to massage.

  • Real-time 6-Position Force Micro Processor:

The MAJ7’s core function is the Real Pro Ultra mechanism. This continuously feeds information to the chair’s Position and Force micro-Processor. Based on this feedback, the MAJ7 adjusts to pressure and massage movements. This responsiveness allows MAJ7 to accurately replicate the movements of a human masseuse’s kneading and adjust the intensity for each user.

  • Sole Massage:

The MAJ7 combines cutting-edge technology with reflexology techniques to deliver deep, therapeutic massage for your soles. The MAJ7 mimics professional reflexologist hand movements by using full coverage air cells to hold your feet in place.

The sole mechanism is capable of sole shiatsu, sole kneading, and plantar arch massage. You can adjust the intensity and style of the sole mechanism to your liking.

  • Advanced Lower Core Massage:

The MAJ7’s seat has air cells that gently lift and reposition the whole body, allowing it to effectively work the glutes as well as the upper hamstrings. Targeting the right Acupressure Points can help relieve stiff and tight hips.

  • Unique 3D Massage System:

The massage rollers are controlled by high-performance brushless motors that operate whisper quiet and provide full freedom in three-dimensional space. The MAJ7 is able to switch between different massage styles, reach beyond the shoulders and soothe every inch of your back.

  • Intensity Sensing and Adjustments:

You can adjust the intensity of each massage feature on the MAJ7 from mild to firm. Each feature can be independently controlled in terms of intensity, including foot massage, Air cell compression, and roller massage. To create a unique massage experience, up to three people can save and program their preferred settings.

  • Six Pre-set Programs
  • Refresh – Light, rejuvenating massage using tapping. Perfect for a quick pick-me-up.
  • Deep- A soothing massage that loosens stiff, tired muscles.
  • Shiatsu- Deep tissue massage that simulates thumb pressure. Deep tissue massage that penetrates and revitalizes sore muscles. Hip-HT0_ Our advanced torso/pelvic technique kneads the back muscles, while air cells loosen the trunk muscle.
  • Neck/Shoulder – This stimulating but soothing course relax the neck muscles and shoulders.
  • Lower back – This course focuses on the lower and mid-back. This massage is perfect after a long day of work or play.
  • Six Manual Programmes
  • Ultra-Kneading: This is a more intense form of kneading. This provides maximum stimulation and relaxation of the muscles.
  • Shiatsu: Finger pressure Massage using thumb pressure. This is used to apply strong deep-tissue pressure, stretching and pressure.
  • Kneading: Deep therapeutic effect that stimulates the acupoints, and increases energy flow. Particularly beneficial for the neck, shoulders, and back.
  • Swedish: Gentle Pressure using multiple rollers to imitate the palms of your hands. This product is designed to relax muscles.
  • Rolling: Massage Pads roll up and down along your spine. The cervical discs are compressed and the muscles are gently stretched to relieve pressure.
  • Tap: Gives you a feeling of being stimulated and revitalized by your hands tapping on the back muscles.


  • Armrests that are super-comfortable
  • Whisper-quiet motor
  • 158 combinations of manuals
  • Massage customization available
  • Convenient remote control
  • Intelligent intensity sensing and adjustments
  • Body scan technology


  • No built-in wireless speaker
  • Expensive

Conclusion- Panasonic Massage Chair Review

This one might be the ultimate helper for working ladies and men who suffer from foot swelling and poor posture. The versatility of the Panasonic MAJ7’s lower back and hip massage is another reason.

This machine is a great healer for people suffering from chronic back pain. Although the MAJ7 provides excellent sole and foot massages, it does not offer heat therapy or zero-G. So this concludes the topic for Panasonic Massage Chair Review.


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