Amber Heard requests a mistrial in the Johnny Depp defamation case, claiming the jury was comprised of the wrong people.

Amber Heard requests a new trial after losing a defamation case brought by her former husband Johnny Depp,

saying one of the jurors who rendered the verdict was never intended to sit on the jury.

Without one more battle, Amber Heard will not give up on her legal claim against Johnny Depp.

In her ex-defamation husband's action against her, which was decided in his favor in June after one of the most well reported

and discussed celebrity cases, the actress has requested the judge to declare a mistrial.

Heard's attorneys claim in her request that one of the jury members was not authorized to serve on the jury.

According to the July 8 filing, which E! News acquired, one of the jurors on the jury panel roster was described as having been born in 1945,

making them 77 years old, but voter registration data also showed a 52-year-old with the same last name residing at the 77-year-residence. old's