Clint Eastwood’s Daughter Opens Up About Her Dad

Even though Clint Eastwood is one of Hollywood's top actors, he is also the father of eight kids.

Alison Eastwood, the actor's daughter, is now talking openly about her connection with her father.

Alison, 50, is a daughter of Eastwood and Maggie Johnson, his first wife, whom he wed in 1953.

Eastwood’s Daughter On Her Father

Alison and her brother Kyle were raised by the couple in Pebble Beach on California's Carmel Bay after they swiftly left Hollywood.

Alison recounted to Closer Weekly that "it's a wonderful area on the ocean, and there's tons of wildlife."

She continued, "When we were little, my dad would take my brother and I out to dinner and people would approach him for autographs.

He doesn't have a craving for that. He is affable, loves jazz, the outdoors, hanging out, and drinking beer.

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