Planes, parachutes and armed robbery: Netflix take on the master criminal who became a folk hero

Tilted Brush Stroke

The series becomes the Netflix true crime equivalent of Zodiac as the focus shifts to Colbert.

 It may begin as a grabby crime thriller, but as it progresses, it becomes more shapeless and unsettling. 

It's a story about what happens when you can't let go.

This line of storytelling reaches a climax in the third episode, when we are fully immersed in what obsessives

refer to as "The Cooper Vortex," a dark morass of conspiracy theories that draws people in due to the case's total refusal to be solved. 

Was Cooper involved in the French Canadian comics industry? Why did he have one titanium molecule on his tie? 

A befuddlingly long section of the documentary is dedicated to numerology, 

with one poor subject scribbling out strings of numbers that appear to prove beyond all doubt that Rackstraw is DB Cooper. 

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