PS5 restock update: Where to buy PS5

An in-store launch for the GameStop PS5 is set for this Saturday (July 23). Some Sony restocks are open to the public. Amazon and Best Buy have opened registrations for invitation-only restocks.

Note, if you register as a retailer: there is no guarantee that you will be invited to the invite-only drops.

Where to buy PS5:still sign up for invite-only 

PS5: register for invite-only drops @ Amazon

Amazon has opened up its stores to register for invite-only PS5 restock invites:

If your invitation-only is accepted, you will receive a link email valid for up to 72 hours:


PS5 restock — price and discounts:

It's $499 to buy the PS5 with disc and $399 to buy the PS5 digital version.

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